Emil klingberg

Im a 3D artist, you would probably think i am a generalist when it comes to what field of 3D work i do, however i feel most comfortable with modeling and rendering. But i also do animation, texturing, rigging and the list goes on. If its related to Digital art in some way i have probably done it.

I started my path into the world of digital art when i was around 15, excited about modding games and creating my personal skins and models for games like Counter-Strike i quickly learned to use 3Ds Max and Photoshop alongside the Hammer editor for building game worlds. 

After some years i started to take on some small freelance jobs for businesses who wanted to show their products in new and interesting ways.

Then after i went to the army i knew i wanted to go back to the world of 3D, So i started at Noroff University in Bergen to learn about 3D Games Design for 2 years, Since then i started my own company North Pixel, where i continue to create Digital art for games and other industries alike.